Sports Performance Systems

‘If you’re an athlete, Strength and Conditioning is the key to success and longevity regardless of your sport’ – Dan John

Overall Strength

is an essential pillar  to improved sport performance,  whether you play netball, Rugby or Hockey.

By increasing overall body strength you

  • Decrease injury risk
  • Increase maximal strength
  • Become an animal on/off the field.

Who is this program for?

Athletes of all abilities, our programming is designed specifically to your ability whether you’re a beginner having never trained before or an experienced high level athlete looking to take your performance to the next level

What the ‘RAW’ Sports Performance System provides you with is:

3x Coached sessions each week (the athlete will be accountable for their own warm-up which we will provide) but there will be coaching by at least 2 coaches each session.

Fully programmed specific to your sport, whether that’s being a strength, power or speed based athlete. This will also include a base nutrition plan and supplement guidance. 

You’ll receive a printable sheet to track results giving you a huge platform for you to increase your overall speed, power and maximal strength whatever your given sport.

RAW Sports Performance Systems

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