30-Days to kick-start your new fitness goals
Get in the best shape of your life
30-day to transform your body…and possibly your life 
The 30-day trial is all about your personal journey. 

We’ll help you become more confident, feel healthier, move without pain, get stronger and lose weight. 

Get rid of the boring gym routine with endless amounts of exercises and treadmill workouts. 
We’ll show you a member focused community delivering an unrivalled experience in training. 

If you’re ready to get fitter and feel healthier without having to sacrifice your meals out with the boss then read on.
In 30-days, you will:
- Achieve noticeable results 
- Be feeling younger and have a much more energy
- Much more confidence
- Enjoy a proper nights sleep 
- A little dent in your bank balance as you are buying better fitting clothes. 
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What you’ll get for £49 (Worth £169)
  • 10 PT Sessions - Depending on your needs, you’ll receive up to 2 Personal Training sessions a week with one of our 3 expert trainers.
  • Full Movement Screening - Your first sessions is 45mins and a 1-2-1 movement session where we asses your current fitness levels. 
  • Body Composition Analysis - At your initial evaluation session, we’ll find out what you’re made of, to help you measure your progress. 
  • Nutritional Support - You’ll receive comprehensive nutrition advice to complement your fitness programme and help you reach your goals faster.
  • Dedicated Support - One of our team will be your assigned fitness coach and will be on hand whenever you need the to help you stay on track. 
"I’ve lost weight, I’ve gained muscle and achieved goals that I actually didn’t believe I could achieve. I never thought I could squat with any weight, let alone what I have managed. My stamina has improved drastically and it’s definitely helped with my general well-being. More than that, Compello has helped with my mental health. It’s given me confidence in myself and my abilities and has also given me a drive and self-assuredness that I don’t recall ever having in my life up to this point. I think it’s safe to say that it’s generally made me a lot healthier as a person."
"Compello feels more like a community. Unlike your average commercial gym the coaches are inviting and unintimidating. They take an interest in each individual member by really listening to you, whether it’s about what you ate for tea last night or if you need to let off some steam. Adding to that they’re also just great coaches – they offer a variety of different workouts and can provide an educated definition of each move and their benefits. They really know their stuff and are a pleasure to train with - they really understand my personal fitness goals and advise the best way to reach them in a really friendly, personable way that you don’t get at other places."
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What is Semi-Private PT and is it great for you?
Semi-Private Training is a very cost-effective way of achieving your goals without having to pay the price. Make it a regular thing and the price will be even better for your pocket!

Who holds you accountable?
Having Semi-Private Training regularly is all the accountability that you need. The new people you meet will help you become accountable to yourself and them. However you will also have a Personal Fitness Coach to help you in any which way.
If you want to make a real difference to your training and the intensity of your programme to get out of a hole, then choose Semi-Private PT to help you reach your goals.
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