1. Lift – everyone should lift and exercise so make sure you get in your weights, cardio and stretching! theres no doubt you want to be the complete package, think about it…no point being really strong but struggling for air walking up the stairs or messing around with the kids for 5 minutes. Equally how awkward would it be not being able to get all the shopping in the house in one trip?! Remember lads, real men take one trip even if your wife doesn’t care. You want to be as well rounded as possible to be the healthiest you can be.

2. Be consistent and practise some self control!

I only say this because in my experience as blokes we kind of have an all or nothing attitude when it comes to sorting our shit out.I’ve seen men get really driven and trying to be as healthy as possible and then when shit doesn’t go their way they think fuck it and go to town on the beers and pizzas. Enjoy training and food you eat, if you don’t you are less likely to stick at it!

Remember you can still drink, eat shite food but just control it think 9 out of 10.

My best piece of advice is to find someone to help you, someone who knows what they are doing, a professional.

This leads us nicely on to tip 3 below.

3. Ego – Gentleman “from here on out ego is the enemy”. I stole this from a book I read called ‘ego’. It was a really strong reminder that while our ego is sometimes our friend sometimes it’s a real fucking nightmare and get us into all sorts if shit.

As blokes we think we have the solution, we think we can fix the problem cause we are the man. Honestly it’s a load shit. That’s your ego talking and getting in the way.

The sooner you accept that someone knows more than you, that someone can help you or fix a problem the better. I’ll be really blunt there is always someone better looking, someone stronger and fitter than you oh and someone definitely has a bigger penis…unless your Mandingo.

So when it comes to fat loss. training and living a healthier life find help and listen to the professionals.

4. Finding your calorie deficit.

Everyone is different here so this is just a general idea.

Step 1. Download a tracking app and set up to lose 1lb a week, please don’t select less than this.
Step 2. Stay within 10% of that every god dam day! No don’t know track you exercising.
Step 3. Set you macros… only one i care about is protein and set it to about 35% the rest you can handle.
Step 4. weight yourself weekly and check the difference.

From step 4 only 3 things can happen.

1. Weight has gone up….your eat to much. so lower your intake by another 10% daily.
2. Weight had stayed the same..you are eating enough to maintain. Take between 5/10% off daily.
3. Weight has gone down! congratulation you are in a deficit – remember protein keep it up

Some people do not want to track calories, thats fine you don’t have too. But please get in touch and we can still help you.

5. Enjoy the process – if you don’t enjoy what you do you are less likely to stick with it. Thats why we at Compello you eat you to enjoy the training, we want you to enjoy the company and we work hard to make sure you do! The three of us are idiots and we encourage you to be one too.

if you want any more tips or help please feel free to get in touch!


Big love!