Be authentic, be yourself.

The point of this post is to highlight that a lot of people spend so much time wondering what people think of them and wondering if they fit in. Back in the day groups were small, there weren’t as many people to met and interact with. Fast forward to the

You are a pro problem-solver

Think about it?! How many problems have you solved? Because thats a lot of what life is..problem solving, some more complex than other yeah sure, but problems none the less. When we solve one problem it create a bunch of new problems. For example… You’ve gained a bit of weight,

Don’t be S.A.D

Whats the best thing you can do on these cold, chilly, autumn days when you are not feeling up to the day, not feeling up to the week and you want to create a cave with your bed sheets? Get your arse through the door and exercise! S.A.D = (Seasonal

Don’t be a Bottle Job

We are into Autumn now, its well and truly here! its also the first wave of Christmas wide down. We have noticed it at Compello. People unbooking and giving reasons or not giving reasons at all (of course we know some reasons are completely legitimate), the odd comment dropped “oh

Accountable as F*£k in the gym!

We don’t want all that blame and responsibility when things go south, we want someone to push the blame on because no one likes admitting it was solo effort and you yourself buggered it up. Thats the way it goes a lot of the time in fat-loss and its bloody

Too Much to do!

Everyone knows the feeling when you are just out right busy, i mean like a 1000 and 1 jobs to do and no one can do them but you! You still go through the day to day but you’ve got a lot on. Anyway the first thing to give in