Tis the season for getting fat!

That time of year where we will now be bombarded with Christmas songs, mince pies and questionable but yet awesome Christmas jumpers!

But its also the time of year where besides your birthday the office is filled with awesome highly calorific treats. It becomes a time of the year where the sentance “ahhh go on then!” is just a staple in your vocabulary!

So at this point you can go two ways.

If you can’t beat them you join them. You just think fuck it and jus gonna enjoy yourself regardless of progress or consequence.


You can be a little bit more mindful and still enjoy yourself but still manage yourself

So here are some strategies to not be a fat pants.

Strategy 1 – Poverty Calories

We’ve spoke about this useful term in previous blogs

Poverty calories is away allowing yourself to eat the foods you want by sacrificing foods else where in the day or in the week!

For example…

You know going into work today you’ve got loads of foods in and most of it is highly calorific!

You cant be trusted not eat it because most of it is your trigger foods (these are foods that you’d happily punch someone if they tried to take them from you)

So lets think sensibly here!

Maybe we reduce or remove calorie of our daily intake so we can eat more here We skip breakfast? We skip dinner? We could even skip or reduce our calories on another day of the week?

Essentially you can restrict or remove calories and eat in poverty for part of the day or week to eat like a king at those times you want to!

We already know you need to be in gentle calorie deficit to lose weight so look to keep your protein high and everything else can fall into place!

Strategy 2 – Being Mindful

Similar to poverty rations but you you are more mindful over the course of the day. This is not the all or nothing approach, perhaps you pick the less caloric of the treats available to you or maybe the treat / food that better suits your desired outcome.

Pork pie vs mince pie?

If you are someone who struggles to consume enough protein in their diet then maybe then opting for the pork pie is probably the way to go!

The pork pie will have a decent amount of protein which is a staple needed in the mission for fat loss, it will also contain fat and carbs but in fairly equally balance.

Compared to the mince pie which will have some protein but likely have a much high ratio of fat and carbs to protein.

Think before you eat and screw up your goals and then blame someone other than yourself.

or you have just

Strategy 3 – Just Say No

Simple – when someone offers you a slice if cake, say “no thank you” (but lets be honest when did that ever work!