Protein Shakes sometimes get a bad rep, often stigmatised with the body builder and the washed up meat head. 

Bro! get me some protein!

Bro! i need to get some protein or I’m gonna go catabolic (catabolic is muscle wastage)

Look ladies! Protein is not just for the Bros, pros and meatheads!

If you are someone who struggles to get enough protein in your diet then Protein shakes could be the prefect for you!  I mean really useful and they taste pretty good too! 

Especially while you start adjusting to higher protein diet!

In our experience those women that employ a high rotten diet never seem to look back. 

Build muscle and torch fat!

Good tips for doing this are trying to focus your meals around protein sources.




Cured Meats 

Quran (if your a veggie)