I bet half of you could go to sleep now? you are stressed, you are tired. Maybe a bad nights sleep last night and the night before and the night before. We are chronically tired. Nearly a quarter of the birtish public experience problems with their sleep due to stress/worries and sometimes diet. 

We are the only animal on the planet that will sacrifice sleep (besides the odd animal in some life saving behaviour) to do something like watch tv, drink or socialise. Statistically the human body needs between 6-9 hours of sleep every night, so today we are going to get across some important points on how to maximise those all important 40 winks. 

What Happens if you don’t sleep? 

Now one poor nights sleep wont affect you too much, however continuous poor nights sleep you may experience some of the following side 

1.Fatigue (fatigue masks strength)
2.Poor Mood
4.Struggle with Fatloss
5.Lack of Motivation

Here are 5 tips to getting a better night sleep.

  1. Put your phone down, your alarm goes off even if the phone is on aeroplane mode and those bright lights add an information overload to your brain making sleep harder. The brain processes lights and won’t shut down, same for the tv, tablet, laptop, its all information.
  •  No electronics after a certain time… in fact ban electronics, just read, meditate or actually have a conversation with your partner. Get a good old fashioned wind up alarm clock. get rid of tv, netflix, the ipad.
  • Get enough sleep, 7/8 hours. Don’t go to bed at 2am and expect to get up all cheery at 7am. doubt me? try it?
  • Coffee, reduce your caffeine intake after 12. Caffeine puts a plug on your sleep hormone think of coffee as your bathtub plug… it stops the sleep hormone (water) from being realised. it has a half life of 5 hours, so 5 hours later there is 50% of the dosage you took in your system.
  • Limit nap time

If you find you have to nap during the day to keep your energy levels up, set an alarm and ensure you only have a lie-down for 10-20 minutes. If possible, try to avoid napping altogether – especially if you’re trying to establish a sleep routine.