You’ve divided foods in the category of “good” or “bad” 

Has that assumption done you any favours?

I’m going to straight out saying has it balls.

Eliminating foods from your diet only makes them all the more appealing when things don’t go our way.

Food are not good or bad, its just because you can’t be trusted no to over consume the foods that are really high in calories and balance your diet out! 

Understand where you are going wrong first and try and fix that problem. 

No, its not the bread, its just because you can’t be trusted to only have 1 or 2 slices

No, its not the fat on the bacon or the steak its the fact you can be trusted to not to eat a loads of additional fats over the rest of the day.

No, its not the alcohol, its you can’t be trusted not eat properly the next day or manage your weekly intake! 

Limit (not eliminate) the amount of shit foods (i say shit because i mean the foods that have NO nutritional value) 

Let us know what you are struggling with!