In order for us to grow and reach our full potential whether thats in the gym and or work, we first as an individual have to believe in ourselves, like absolutely believe with 100% certainty that you can achieve anything you want to.

Its true people, what if I told you that,

You can increase your personal best by 10kg on every lift.

You can lose 3kg of unwanted body fat.

You can increase your lean muscle mass by 3kg.

You can achieve all those things (Its not just limited to results in the gym), the issue isn’t your potential to do it. Its your BELIEF.

Sounds painfully easy doesn’t it? However most of us are guilty of missing out this crucial step when we set out on a new journey or challenge. When you don’t have that 100% belief before you start its easy to put things off and take very little action to change those things.

Your mind is a powerful thing, lets think of it like a muscle, if we don’t utilise and develop this ‘muscle’ it is likely that we won’t show any growth or progress in certain aspects of our life. It is however possible to train this ‘Muscle’ through developing our mindset.

Most of us are guilty of having a fixed mindset (Non learner mindset) in most situations, this can often prevent important growth and development of vital skills not just in the gym but in day to day life as well.

However if we adopt a growth mindset (Learner Mindset) we become willing to try and overcome problems even if we fail at first. Adopting this learner mindset allows us to move forward and maximise our potential even if we fail at first.

So to help you in your positive change I’ve included a step by step guide below.

1. Identify your Mindset. Are you fixed or growth? If you often use excuses like ‘its hard for me to lose weight or I’m not a natural Athlete. Its pretty clear your more fixed mindset.
2. You always have a choice. When faced with a task or problem we can either go into fixed mindset and claim you don’t have the ability to overcome said problem, or you can learn from where you may have gone wrong and when the same problem comes round again you can ask yourself ‘what happened last time’ and ‘how do I prevent it happening again’.
3. Think opportunities not obstacles. For example, 2 people in exactly the same position work long hours but want to become healthier and lose weight. The person who thinks with a fixed mindset will see that as an obstacle. ‘I can’t lose weight, I don’t have the time and the energy to go to the gym’ will often be their answer when presented with this obstacle and do nothing to change, The second person who adopt a growth mindset will often see an opportunity out of the same situation, for example ‘If I use my time wisely, Join a gym with good PT’s and attend as many sessions ask can with no excuses, I will become healthier no matter what’.

In a nutshell guys everyone experiences failures in all walks of life, and all successful people keep on trying until they get that break through. It may take some people longer than others but sometimes thats just the game of life. Its not necessarily about the end result but more about building a new identify for yourself, focus on the process and the outcome will follow.

You gotta believe to Achieve.

Rob and the Compello Team.