Quickfire Questions with Chris

Why did you first get into Personal Training?  Originally because I wanted to go into Strength & Conditioning with professional sports teams whilst studying Sports Science at university. Then got into Personal Training through a friend there and loved working for myself and the personal interaction with clients on a

Quick fire Questions With Fred

1.  Why did you first get into Personal Training? I had been training myself for a few years when i was given a bit of kick up the arse by someone close to me to go ahead a pursue it.  I found myself wanting to help others and it was

Training To Become Better

  Firstly, this isn’t going to be what everyone wants to read. If you disagree with anything in here, I’d love to hear your reasons why and likewise, if you agree I’d also love to hear your personal opinions on the subject. My personal opinion is that being better as

New Year, New Me!!

First of all I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New year. Now that we have got the end of the year celebrations out the way we can start to get back into our training routine ready to bring our A game in 2018. However that being said, most

Be Realistic!

You are not a Bodybuilder, you don’t need to eat chicken and broccoli. Sit down and eat like an adult, have some meat, have some veg and have some carbs with an accompanying beer or wine and enjoy it. You are not the Rock. I mean I personally kinda wish

The sum of your company.

You are the sum of the people you spend the most time with, you might notice change, like words, tastes, attitude. This can be for better and for worse. Surround yourself around people who have ambition, confidence and many other positive attributes chances are you’ll grow some too, it works