Training Made Simple

  So then we thought we’d let you in on a little secret as to how we programme down here at Compello. We pride ourselves on the fact we understand programming, why we do things and how we do things and this is what helps our clients get the results

Technique Tuesday

Technique Tuesday Last week we worked through the Progressions and Regressions of the Press-up. So here we’re staying with the Pressing action. Bench Press Firstly, yes women can do Bench Press. It won’t turn you into the legend that is Arnie! 🙂 So, we’ll start with the set-up…(see above) Feet

Technique Tuesday

Technique Tuesday – The Press-up We’re going to start with the press-up ladies and gents. I wanted to start with this because it’s just about the only exercise that there’s apparently a ‘male and female’ variation…Strange that 🤔 In the picture below you’ll see a normal press-up (this can also

The Key To A SexyAss Body

This is quite a tough one… There’s just soooooo many options… >>> WRONG <<< It’s really quite simple actually!   Consistency – 3 days/week. This is the sweet-spot, we want to try and train a minimum of this many days each week, if you can do more (perfect) then it’ll

Don’t Be A Long Back

Todays little post, no doubt widely anticipated by many of our female followers is about building some buns… At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re a bloke or a woman really – No-one wants to be a long back!  Benefits of a stronger and firmer booty?

Weightlifting Shoes. Do I Need Them?

What are They? What do they do?, Do I need to get some?. Two very common questions that we get asked as coaches about Weightlifting shoes. So without rambling on and boring you with a blog about shoes I’ve written a short piece about the benefits of using a weightlifting