So then we thought we’d let you in on a little secret as to how we programme down here at Compello.

We pride ourselves on the fact we understand programming, why we do things and how we do things and this is what helps our clients get the results they deserve.

So then, here is a very simple plan of how we go about setting out what every client needs form their programme and how we plan it.

Warm-up: – Dynamic mobility (stretching) is where we start, moving on to activation of muscles and then blending this with some very basic basic movement patterns that will be used in the sessions (Pressing, pulling, squatting, lunging etc)

Next here is client depending (I’m using a 35-year old female who wants to lose weight as an example!)

Strength: – This is going to be a bigger compound lift (Front/Back Squat, Strict Press, Deadlift/RDL) we don’t go max out here, we want quality reps where we push the client but we don’t want to go near failure or movement breakdown (poor form).

Eg: – Front Squat – 5 x 5 (Weight will be done off feel rather than percentage)

Accessory Work: – This is what the client may want to improve (a bigger booty and ‘toned’ legs). So we would pick something along the lines of her weaknesses and also something to help develop this – here think high rep work developing movement patterns and work capacity.

Eg: – A superset (2 exercises back to back) of; DB Lunges 3 x 8(each leg) into RDL’s 3 x 12-15

Core + Conditioning: – I’m a big fan of adding these 2 together, primarily because this saves time and a 60-minute session when doing quality work isn’t very long with substantial rest periods…At the end of the day it goes down to the trainer on the day!

It could be simply made into a mini circuit like below….

Eg: – 10x Plate to Toes, 15s Rope Slams, 10x Plate to Toes, 15s Rope Slams
Rest 60s – 5 sets

This is obviously a very basic and brief example but there is an example of our session plan at Compello Fitness.

It’s REALLY not fancy, we’re not re-inventing the wheel – we train real people using proper fitness methods.

You may be thinking ‘Oh thats not much, there’s only a few exercises or no way will that last 60-mins’ then please feel free to pop us a message over and give us a try out we’re more than happy to put you through a 1-2-1 consultation and give away our session plan for free!

Any questions, as always fire me an email…