Guide to Alcohol

For all you pissheads out there we thought we would write this handy guide to alcohol. Now we don’t want to come across as boring because we love a pint (Or Blue WKD – Chris) just as much as the next person but we do want to help you make

Quickfire Questions with Chris

Why did you first get into Personal Training?  Originally because I wanted to go into Strength & Conditioning with professional sports teams whilst studying Sports Science at university. Then got into Personal Training through a friend there and loved working for myself and the personal interaction with clients on a

Quick fire Questions With Fred

1.  Why did you first get into Personal Training? I had been training myself for a few years when i was given a bit of kick up the arse by someone close to me to go ahead a pursue it.  I found myself wanting to help others and it was

Training To Become Better

  Firstly, this isn’t going to be what everyone wants to read. If you disagree with anything in here, I’d love to hear your reasons why and likewise, if you agree I’d also love to hear your personal opinions on the subject. My personal opinion is that being better as

Training Made Simple

  So then we thought we’d let you in on a little secret as to how we programme down here at Compello. We pride ourselves on the fact we understand programming, why we do things and how we do things and this is what helps our clients get the results

Technique Tuesday

Technique Tuesday Last week we worked through the Progressions and Regressions of the Press-up. So here we’re staying with the Pressing action. Bench Press Firstly, yes women can do Bench Press. It won’t turn you into the legend that is Arnie! 🙂 So, we’ll start with the set-up…(see above) Feet