For all you pissheads out there we thought we would write this handy guide to alcohol.

Now we don’t want to come across as boring because we love a pint (Or Blue WKD – Chris) just as much as the next person but we do want to help you make better choices when it comes to the sweet nectar of a the weekend!

Its really about learning to be sensible which is sometimes easier said than done when you are a couple of drinks deep and your bestie is getting the next round of drinks.

But here it goes!

Enjoy the ride…

Alcohol has a hidden calories agenda its basically a Carbohydrate but per gram it contains more calories (Kcal) than protein and carbs which contain 4grams per Kcal while Alcohol contain 7kcal per gram.

So when people say they cut out alcohol and lost weight/body fat it isn’t a miracle they have put themselves in a calorie deficit.

Which by the way is a big well done!

Lastly, the clearer/transparent the alcoholic drink is the better in terms of its caloric content.

Drink 1 : Gin & Tonic

1 shot of gin and slim line tonic contains 110/120 kcal

you can apply this to most sprints like vodka, tequila, accompany them with diet drinks.

Drink 2 : Prosecco

a 125ml serving contains 86kcal which is not bad

Drink 3 : Bottled beer

a 330ml bottled beer along the lines of a Sol/bud/carlsberg typically contain around 149kcal.

I’m putting this in because of its serving size, yes you might prefer a pint but look how well thats doing you right now.

Drink 4 : Cocktails

Here are a few cocktails that may tickle your pickle when out!

*Approximate calorie

Mojitos – 168kcal
Martini – 176kcal
Old Fashioned 154kcal

Drink 5 : Espresso Martini (Compello Staple)

I throw this in because this drink is responsible for some of the best Compello socials we have ever had. Regardless it should be a firm staple in the Compello Members night out.

Sadly it contains about 285kcal (Well worth it in my opinion)

Hope this has been of help.

Big Love