Training To Become Better

  Firstly, this isn’t going to be what everyone wants to read. If you disagree with anything in here, I’d love to hear your reasons why and likewise, if you agree I’d also love to hear your personal opinions on the subject. My personal opinion is that being better as

Because you’re fat and unhealthy

We almost have to mumble it under our breath. Why?!? Its one of my primary responsibility as a coach. Fat loss which REALLY means fat loss, NOT weight loss by the way! If someone who has personal or semi-private training with me didn’t achieve some level of fat loss there

Meal Prep, Get it Done!!

Right guys following on from last weeks blog on tracking your daily intake id like to move into meal prep and why its super important in your journey to fat loss or muscle gain. Right first things first you wouldn’t go into the gym do a random assortment of movements

‘How Much Food Should I Eat’

So guys for anyone that has tried to track their calorie intake, you have probably become very confused when it comes to measuring how many calories they burn each day. There are literally hundreds of different ways to calculate your daily calorie expenditure, most of which are FUBAR so don’t worry

Unleash The Fat Sh*t Within!

That’s right people, unleash that fat fucker inside of you… Metaphorically speaking of course! So we’re back on the note of nutrition today and talking ‘flexibility’. For me, this is hugely important for a few reasons. 1) Who doesn’t love a pizza? 2) To stop you from pulling your hair

New Year – Old School Rules

The Importance of Protein For me, Protein is the most important macro-nutrient out of the 3 (Protein, Carbs and Fat) Why? Protein keeps you satiated (fuller for longer!) it is also the building block to help you become stronger and leaner. Unfortunately it is the one macro that is easily