Right guys following on from last weeks blog on tracking your daily intake id like to move into meal prep and why its super important in your journey to fat loss or muscle gain.

Right first things first you wouldn’t go into the gym do a random assortment of movements and expect to make noticeable progress would you?

NO!! Would be the correct answer to that, its why we all follow a program, it stops us from derailing our progress with poor decisions like the old I saw it on Instagram so I’m gonna do it too. So if following a strength program allows us to make significant progress in the gym, why don’t we do the same with our food?.

Now before you all put your hand up saying ‘oh I do, I always prep my food’ every single one of us is guilty of picking up a meal deal on the go or a takeaway here and there because theres no food in. Now thats not such a bad thing if its done sporadically but when it becomes a daily occurrence then we have a problem.

I don’t want to be captain negative, instead I want to try and convince you that we should all prep our food. It could be the difference between you being successful in your journey in losing fat or gaining weight. Making some sensible decisions earlier in the week, can save us from numerous bad decisions during the week, decisions based on emotion and convenience.

How many times have we all finished work tired and hungry, and then it comes to making tea, decision fatigue sets in and before you know whats happening you’ve woken up out of your coma to a dominoes delivery driver standing at your door. Now I appreciate life isn’t a perfect fantasy where everything falls into line its more like a Tarantino film, things get messy. Shit happens we all know this, so if we can do our best to set ourselves up for success earlier on in the week with good meal prep its a sure fire way to help you on your journey to fat loss or muscle gain.

Why Should I Meal Prep?
1. It’s cheaper, save your cash on eating out or buying food on the go. You’ll save heaps of cash that you can then go and treat your self with.
2. It helps with over/under eating, takes the question ‘how much should I eat?’. You eat whats in your Tupperware no more or no less, there is no seconds in the meal prep game.
3. Accountability. You hold your self accountable for eating what you have cooked. If you skip a meal and end up throwing it away you’ve just wasted the cash you spent on buying the food in the first place.

We all have the tendency to think that we know about eating well, but there is a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path (10 points to anyone who can name the film quote).
So put a plan into action people and prep your food for 1 week. It doesn’t have to be every meal it can just be lunch every day as a start, its essentially effortless guys and you’ll see heaps of progress. Don’t just wing it guys its too difficult, you’ll make loads of bad choices based on convenience. Plan, Prepare and eat well and you’ll 100% get the results you want.

Rob and the Compello Team.