A diet needs to be something that has longevity, it needs to be sustainable, it needs to be the everyday or something you can call upon from time to time to drop some body fat to be wolf whistle worthy in a bikini or looked ripped in a pair of budgie smugglers… without causing harm.

It also it needs to be everyday and what suits you then. I’m paraphrasing but from a great book i read said that if your in a zombie apocalypse and all you have is skittles you certainly are not going to turn your nose up at it and wait for a salad.. .your going to eat the skittles.

These fad diets which so many people use are able gain their power because they promise quick results, however they are usually long term unhealthy and really unbalanced. Our advice it avoid them at all costs!

This is why they don’t work…

1. You can’t live forever in a big calorie deficit without causing yourself some serious health issues.
2. Its completely unrealistic to eliminate a food group from your diet, they are all important to your wellness and health.
3. Its also unrealistic to say you’ll never eat a treat or drink again.
4. They don’t teach you how to eat.

Fad, aggressive dieting is not something we will never advocate, they often leave you in a worse place than when you first started because of how detrimental they are. Everyone has heard the phrase yo-yo. If you haven’t these fad diet make you loose a lot of weight (weight not fat) because of their extreme deficits. Then once you finish you start eating normally again and pile on more weight.

Learn how to eat, learn to build healthy relationships with food, learn to eat like an adult.

What i say to everyone is what would you feed your children or your pets? would you allow them to be put in a potentially harmful position, would you prescribe them the 5/2 diet or the juice diet… probably not, so why are you the exception.

We have this awesome nutritional booklet that helps break it down, plus one of us is always on hand to help your work through the myths and learn the facts.

For more information get in touch with us and ask for Fred.