New Year, New Me!!

First of all I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New year. Now that we have got the end of the year celebrations out the way we can start to get back into our training routine ready to bring our A game in 2018. However that being said, most


Yes its that time of the week again, The Monday grind. Smash those Monday blues with this upper body intensive workout. 4 Rounds 8-12 Db bench 8-12 Strict Chin Ups Rest 4 mins and then repeat. Finish with 3 super-sets of 40m Farmers Walk/40m Front Rack Walk. Rest 2mins between


A: Deadlifts 5 x 5 Rest: 2mins B: Choose between the two…. 15-mins Continuous 10x Inverted Row 10x High Pull 20x DB Shrugs >>> Or <<< 10x RDL 10x Back Extensions 20x Glute Bridge


Warm-up with the following exercises for 6-10mins – Walking Lunges – Press-ups – Rowing/Skiing Every Min for 40mins Min 1 – 10x BB Lunges Min 2 – 10x BB Push Press Min 3 – 10-15x Slam balls Min 4 – 10-15x Hanging Knee Raises