Hopefully you all enjoyed the first part of this series and the ARMageddon workout that followed.

This week is a little different I’m going to give you two options to chose from.

I have been playing around with a few Giant sets or circuits to help you guys get as jacked as hell and to maximise your time in the gym.

Im not gonna bullshit you with any magic pill that gonna get you all ripped up in 1 session, I will however give you the tools to turn you into a functional, looks good naked bad MOFO.

Now for the workouts. You can perform either one of these giant gets or circuits at the end of your upper body workouts as a finisher to really smoke your lats, traps and rear delts.

Giant Set 1.

High Pull x 10 *(see below)
Front Raise Press Out x 10
Reverse Fly x 10
4 sets- 45-60sec rest.

*Use a rope and a BB plate to make this a dirty trap nightmare.

Giant Set 2.
Row to Valhalla.
Heavy Seated Row x10
ISO Prone Row Hold 30-60secs
Prone Reverse Fly x 20
4 sets- 60sec rest.

Both of these are going give you a big dirty back pump, keep the rest to no longer than 60secs and try to actively squeeze each muscle during each repetition to maximise that muscle growth potential.

Try both of them out this coming week and let me know how it goes.

If you have any questions about the workout don’t hesitate to email me or stop me in the gym to ask.