There is so much hype nowadays about ‘Functional’ training. Squatting on bosu balls, weird shit with bands and playing touch butt in the park pretending to be animals seem to have taken a forefront in the fitness world recently.

So much so that traditional strength training seems to have taken a back seat. So my question to you is what makes training ‘Functional’? Surely any type of training that helps us feel stronger and allows us to move more freely should be classed as ‘functional training’ right?.

So we down at Compello have decided to start a ‘Functional training series’. Once a week we will post our favourite workout/series of movements to aid with your current training routines.

The first port of call in this series is our ‘Big Badass Arms’ workout. Its summer and everyone wants to have a decent looking pair of pipe cleaners dangling from our shirt sleeves, its damn true and if you say you don’t then I’m gonna call bullshit on that instantly.

Now for the workout!!

Compello’s ARMageddon 1.0!!

A1) Close grip bench press
4 x 10/20 Reps NO REST
A2) Chin Ups/Supinated Grip Inverted Rows
4 x 5/10 reps (max iso hold last rep each set)
REST 120-180 secs.

B1) DB Lying Tricep Extensions (Floor)
Triple Drop Set descending weights (20/20/20reps)
B2) EZ/BB curl
10 reps Moderate Weight
10 sec ISO hold
10 reps Moderate Weight
REST 120 sec 2 sets.

C) Band Tricep Extensions
100 reps Total.
Rest pause fashion (If you break no longer than 15 secs rest).

Be Warned this MOFO will give you a ridiculous pump.

If you have any questions about the workout don’t hesitate to email me or stop me in the gym to ask.