Why did you get into Personal Training?

I originally wanted to train as a physio, but then found the world of strength and conditioning at uni. I instantly changed my career path, I’m still interested in the rehab side of things but find PT far more fun mainly due to the people you see on a day to day basis.

How long have you been doing it?

2 Years. Originally started PT out of my garage gym before being given the chance by Chris, he then moulded me into what he wanted, kinda like Palpatine and Anakin Skywalker.

What do you like most about personal training?

Obviously I love the progression that we see week in week out from the beginner to advanced trainee, but the social and community aspect stands out the most for me. Thats what really makes me enjoy coming to work everyday.

Whats your favourite drink at work?

Stella!! I mean anything laced with caffeine, Poppy Coffee are a godsend when your running on fumes.

Favourite drink when Socialising?

Guinness always, what about when its like 30 degrees i hear you ask!, well then my good man just go extra cold!!

Funniest name a client has called you?

Apart from various obscenities there has been a few. Being from the city of Hull, Codhead gets banded round at times or probably the giraffe to name the top 2.

Name one thing that pisses you off about the fitness industry?

Too many things to name, but probably the lack of respect PT’s get, there are good and bad PT’s everywhere but most seem to be tarred with the same brush, the difference is some actually give a shit about the people they train and their career. The others are just looking for an easy job because they’ve done a deadlift before and can’t be arsed to do their job properly.

So if you find a PT that gives a shit about you and not his instagram profile, hold onto them for as long as you can and you’ll 100% notice the difference.

Sum Up Compello Fitness in one word?


Ladies & Gentlemen…Rob Hodges.