Why did you first get into Personal Training? 

Originally because I wanted to go into Strength & Conditioning with professional sports teams whilst studying Sports Science at university. Then got into Personal Training through a friend there and loved working for myself and the personal interaction with clients on a day to day basis and helping them achieve goals.

How long have you been doing it?

Started 2nd year of uni, so…..around 8 years.

What do you like most about Personal Training

As cheesy as it sounds…Seeing clients genuine happiness when they’ve just touched their toes for the first time ever without pain or they’ve just done their first pull-up is pretty awesome and to be honest even gives you a bit of a lift.

What’s your favourite drink at work?

Proteeeeeein! Jokes – Cappuccino for the win.

Favourite drink when socialising?

Strong competition between Brooklyn Lager or Sierra Nevada. If you’ve not tried them – don’t bother signing up down here…

Funniest name a client has called you?

Probably Cheese & Pickle or Pork Pie

Name one thing that pisses you off about the fitness industry?

Hmm…too many really! Not being taken seriously as a profession.

Sum up Compello Fitness in one word?

2nd Home

As always a pleasure!