1.  Why did you first get into Personal Training?

I had been training myself for a few years when i was given a bit of kick up the arse by someone close to me to go ahead a pursue it.  I found myself wanting to help others and it was hands down the best choice I’ve ever made!

2. How long have you been doing it?

I have been coaching people for 6 years.

3. What do you like most about Personal Training?

Seeing the progress our members make! Not just in terms of fat loss or strength but the members that at first moved really poorly like a bag of potatos or were in pain. They kept turning up and trusting the process and trusting us to make them better.

4. Whats your favourite drink at work?

Anything that Sir Mixalot (Chris) provides for a pre-work out in that time of need before Armfarm.  But you can’t beat the horn of the Poppy Coffee van!

5. Whats your favourite drink when socialising?

A good IPA

6. Whats the funniest name a client has called you?

Shrove Tuesday – apparently my arse is as flat as a pancake…

7. One thing that pisses you off about the fitness industry?

The list is pretty big.  But nutrition and food! Some in the industry have complicated the importance of food.

Like you were told as a kid, eat your meat, eat your greens, don’t eat too much chocolate or sweets other wise you’ll be fat and sick!

8. Compello in one word.