We don’t want all that blame and responsibility when things go south, we want someone to push the blame on because no one likes admitting it was solo effort and you yourself buggered it up.

Thats the way it goes a lot of the time in fat-loss and its bloody hard to admit you put yourself there. Often the trainer is blamed, time is blamed, and the chocolate calling your name from the fridge is blamed. Its a hard reality to face.

However when you are on the journey to be healthier, lose some fat or build muscle you just have fess up and take some responsibility. The only one that can make it happen is you.

The beauty is at Compello you’ve got three brilliant coaches and a host of supportive members!

We are here every step of the way to help, we will help you formulate a plan, action it and get the ball rolling.

All you have to do is show up, listen and execute with some intent and intensity.