* Sleep more
Bad sleep kills moods, it destroys motivation, your desire to train and makes the day painful.

it will take longer to do work, tasks and other stuff. Its what happens when your lacking in energy, shit takes longer. It also makes your body slower. if you had a poor nights sleep it can also effect our eating habits.

Put the phone away and dim the lights before bed time. Stay away from alcohol (not always) and try to keep to a sleeping routine. Let’s say you get up a 6:30am and go to bed at 1030pm then do your best to keep to that.

* Ditch the drainers, the negative/toxic and unhelpful people from your life.

Got a friend that is toxic or always complaining or even just being a general drain, maybe its time to move on? It is okay to outgrow people! I’m sure you can think back to sometime that this happened! thats okay, it might hurt but you’ll be much better off in the future.

* Stop giving a fuck.

I refer you to the book ‘The subtle art of not giving a fuck’. its a great book and i suggest you give it a read.

You only have finite amount fucks to give so make sure they are important…to you.

* Have motivators.

This could be a goal, this could be a holiday or event. Its nice to have these little targets to aim for!

They can even be people!

They can be little or large, long term or short term. Ultimately you decide just be honest about the effort and repeat the process.

Smaller goals are easier to manage, bigger goal require a lot more focus and need to re-evaluted every now and then.

Big love.