The Basics

Don’t over complicate the simple things….

As everyone who trains with me knows, I love the basics of training – deadlift, squat, press, row and pull-ups. These all help to develop full body strength and give you a firm grounding.

When you nail the basics it brings about a higher level of performance for athletes, it’s great for injury rehab and aesthetics (body composition).

Strength is the base of everything – without it, you can’t become powerful, get quicker, grow muscle…
It’s nothing new, nothing sexy! You don’t need anything along the lines of 6 reps at 67.92% of your 1RM Snatch or anything stupid like Burpee, slam ball, 360 twist into a backflip, headstand!

I exaggerate but these things are used to try and ‘impress’ or ‘destroy’ clients. Not to help them PROGRESS.

If you want to get strong, keep your rep ranges low (<6) and rests high (3-5mins) If you want to get quick, get strong first and then find a sprints coach who knows running mechanics and do some actual sprint training You don’t get quick by doing SAQ ladders btw… Want to get big? ‘Eat to grow’ and do some high rep sets (>8+)

All this rounded off with an actual progressive programme for your goals.

As I said early, non of this is new and non of this is boner enhancing stuff but the basic principles of training are the best.