The point of this post is to highlight that a lot of people spend so much time wondering what people think of them and wondering if they fit in.

Back in the day groups were small, there weren’t as many people to met and interact with. Fast forward to the present and you probably know a sizeable amount of people.

Now we’ve got some many people around us and not just physically but virtually via Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

We now have work friends, sports friend, close friends and friends of friends… you seeing my point yet?

So many people i know are obsessed with being liked by everyone, their reactions, comments and comebacks are waited on and need approval, we look for likes and reactions.

we’ve all heard of the survival instinct. You know that thing that tell you…look out for what will kill you, what will hurt you or what is dangerous to you. Well that has now completely changed.

Now its about protecting you from a different kind of pain.

The finisher….

In all these hundreds of people you know there are going to be some people who don’t like you and people who you don’t like.

Some people won’t get your sense of humour.

Some people don’t have the same values as you

Some people might find you threatening to them.

Some people will take shit about you.

My biggest advice to you is learn or find ways to accept that.

Be your authentic self, do this for a few reasons.

* You’ll be much happier, trust me!
* You’ll be much more comfortable with who you are and you may learn a thing or two, again trust me.
* The people around will know that your fucking authentic!

At Compello we’ve worked our arses of to build a strong community, it doesn’t mean shit what you do, who you are. You step through our doors everyone is equal, everyone has a similar goal(in that there is commonality), everyone will be encouraged and supported, everyone has a bit of banter.

As always…

Big Love