I’ve just finished a book and its called ‘The subtle art of not giving a fuck’ and it was brilliant!

if you are looking for a new read or listen then go get it.

Anyway one of the take away messages was choosing what to give a fuck about and within that the context of what fucks to give.

Here are a few examples!

* Your mum got screwed out of a lot of money cause someone didn’t pay her back. Right, i don’t give a fuck and we are gonna lawyer up and take their arse down, whatever it takes.

* Some one complaining on Facebook about how long their day was and how hard their life is but not preparing to do anything about it. – This is the worse and i couldn’t give any fucks

* Personal one here, i stutter, mumble, slur, suffer heavily with reading and writing. There was a time where this would eat me up, i would get embarrassed, i would get really sensitive. Now i choose not to give a fuck about it cause the chances are it isn’t going to change so I’ve just gotta deal with it and take it on the chin and sometimes remember how to even spell chin.

* You love Jay-Z so much, his tickets just came out for a UK tour and i don’t give a fuck we are getting a pair.

The point is you only have a finite amount of fucks give.

I think I’ve overused that word in this post so lastly save them for what matters to you and your loved ones and all the stuff in between try not to nibble to hard.

Big love.


feel free to let me know how many spelling mistakes i made.