Right guys we are well into the new year and we should all be getting back into our weekly work/training routines. If you haven’t, well put down the Toblerone and the celebrations for five minutes and continue reading.

So Compello’s monthly challenge will consist of a number of exercises or workouts put together to either compliment your current program or training routine. These challenges will help give you some feedback on were your current fitness levels lie.

Whats the point in doing challenges? Well for one its just straight up rewarding when you set out to do something, struggle like fuck and then get to the end knowing you’ve given it your all.

Right then before I ramble on lets get down to the nitty gritty and this months challenge, so were going kick things off with a nice and simple 100 reps challenge to be performed twice a week for the duration of the month.

The aim of this challenge is to train as normal but at the end of your sessions you are going to finish with 100 reps of either an upper or a lower body movement.
This is programmed to push you mentally and challenge your resilience to push through the pain barrier to finish each set. No cop outs no rep skipping just 100 good healthy strong reps. Remember we are not trying to increase our squat or bench by 15kg with these challenges but to build mental toughness and work capacity.

Upper Body 100;
Bench press @1/3 of BW
Inverted Row
Barbell Curls

Lower Body 100;
Bulgarian Split Squat (Unweighted or Light weight)
Goblet Squat @1/3 BW
Kb Swing @1/3 BW

These movements are just guidelines, you can pick and choose whatever movements you like just remember the aim is to complete each set in a little time as possible so if you find yourself breaking every ten reps you’ve gone too heavy. Try to go 40-50 reps unbroken take a breath and continue.

Train hard, Recover hard and more importantly enjoy the process.

Rob and the Compello Team.