We are into Autumn now, its well and truly here! its also the first wave of Christmas wide down.

We have noticed it at Compello. People unbooking and giving reasons or not giving reasons at all
(of course we know some reasons are completely legitimate), the odd comment dropped “oh but I’m not feeling it today” fast forward too 50minutes later* “god i loved that, I’m really glad i came. Thanks Fred”

The point of this motivational post is all about that latter part about how happy those people were who put on their game face and stepped in the door!

Christmas is some weeks away, there is plenty of work to do between now and then.

Yes, its getting colder!

Yes, its darker!

Yes, the fire, the Tv and the bed seem more appealing!

Yes, Christmas is coming!

But please don’t be a bottle job!

Me, Chris and Rubber Toe are here ready to make you feel all sweaty and fucking awesome!
You know the feeling so don’t let a little bit of cold air or rain ruin your mojo!

Also save getting fat for Christmas, me and Rob are, Chris was a little early to the party but he assures us he is on a christmas shred!