Whats the best thing you can do on these cold, chilly, autumn days when you are not feeling up to the day, not feeling up to the week and you want to create a cave with your bed sheets?

Get your arse through the door and exercise!

S.A.D = (Seasonal affective disorder)

its a type of depression that comes with the change of season and loads of people suffer with it (i know i do!)

People get depressed and tired, because the shorter days and lack of sun light / warmth. Hormones like serotonin and melatonin get produced that link in with feeling depressed, sleepy and well.. hungry as when we feel shit we look for a high (reward) and that high is often in the form of carbohydrate (we over eat and put on weight).

As said above the best get your arse exercising, its probably the best thing you can do to help with it!

Exercising releases endorphins and that shit makes you feel great!

Big Love.