I bet half of you could go to sleep now? you are stressed, you are tired. Maybe a bad nights sleep last night.
If you have children, i can’t begin to understand and my heart goes out to you, one day i will know the pain and satisfaction.

Moving on however, if you don’t then sort it out!

Here are 5 tips to getting a better night sleep.

1. Put your phone down, your alarm goes off even if the phone is on aeroplane mode and those bright lights add an information overload to your brain making sleep harder. The brain processes lights and won’t shut down, same for the tv, tablet, laptop, its all information.
2. No electronics after a certain time… in fact ban electronics, just read, meditate or actually have a conversation with your partner. Get a good old fashioned wind up alarm clock.
3. Get enough sleep, 6/7/8 hours. Don’t go to bed at 2am and expect to get up all cheery at 7am.
4. Tapper off your hydration in the evening, no one wants to get up a 3am to go toilet. if you’ve been woken up by the kid then again my sympathies.
5. More of a statement that a tip… the bedroom is meant for two things, sleeping and the other depends how kinky you get either way all help you relax and recover.

If still can’t sleep well, look at you diet.

Thanks for reading.

Fred & The Compellos Team

Fred Hudson

Written by: Fred Hudson