Its the routine that throws you when it gets to the weekend.

You’ve had a long week, you’ve worked, been stressed and you woke up Saturday and there’s not really anywhere to be, besides taking the kids to football or swimming.

So whats the rush?!?!?

To add to the relaxed vibes you’ve got BBQs or meals out planned that can quickly turn into a full sess! Next thing you know you’ve woken up Sunday and your hanging like loose fruit.

Trust me I’m also there most Saturdays and Sundays and wondering how I can correct it.

So what can you do or at least heres what I’d do.

Basically it all falls down to planning.

Tip 1: Know what your doing and have plan.

Really simple, just know what you’re doing then you can plan your food around it

Tip 2: Plan your food around what you are doing.

Make sure you’ve got food ready to eat, in and around your plans. Yeah it might mean you have to prep food on Firday evening but if it limits the damage done this weekend do you care?

Even if you are doing nothing still try and plan when you have your food. You do not want to be blindsided at 8pm when you can’t be arsed to cook and the dominos text come through. (We’ve all been there)

Tip 3: Look for food and drinks with fewer calories.

If I were at a barbecue the first thing I’d be looking for when it came to food would be meats and vegetables. These are foods that are higher in nutrients and will likely get me fuller quicker.

I’ll be less likely to jump for crisps, dips and cakes. I’d also look for drinks that have less calories in them, Prosecco and spirits and always look to have them with diet drinks.

If I were to eat out I’d scout ahead and look at the menu, plan for what I would be ordering and save myself the hate on Sunday morning.

Ultimately though you’ve got to still enjoy yourself but make little sacrifices to go a long way!

Big Love Ted.

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