Meal Prep.

In a busy week with a hectic family, work and personally schedule the last thing you want do when you finally settle down your hungry and you don’t want to spend 20/30 minutes cooking food. its a pain right? Trust me i know! been there many times. In those moments its much easier to eat on impulse or to order a take away.

In our coaches Whatspp group on Sunday its not uncommon to see what the others a prepping, Chris loves getting a big joint of meat and veg for making stews and meals alike for the week ahead that plus coco pops and chocolate milk, Myself and Rob enjoy all sorts really!

What i suggest to help you get a better grip with nutrition is start prepping for the week, regardless of your goal!

Spend 30/40 minutes once a week and it can have you all set up for the week Monday to Friday!

The reason i say Monday to Friday is because the weekends are unpredictable, for myself i try to eat larger meals and simply enjoy myself. i don’t really ave much a food routine, i just try to eat 3 times a day. simple.

Now 5 days of Food prep is a great!

Most foods will last 5 days if cooked and prepared properly (people do have a lot of fear around this)

Just look at the use by date and of comfortable add on a day or two.

Pick a Meat/Fish ( add seasoning or create a sauce or even buy one)

– Cook it and put it in tupperware/suitable storage.

Pick Veg (Peppers, Green Beans, Onions, Spinach, Kale, Tomotos or any other )

– Chop it, Saute it, Season it and keep it as fresh as possible… unless you like soggy veg. Put it a tupperware/suitable storage.

Pick a Carb (Rice, Sweet Potatos, Pasta, Lentils, Poatatos)

– Cook it, season it and put it in tupperware/suitable storage.

Pick a Fat (this is what you would cook your foods in and you’ll gain some dietary fats from the meats/eggs/fishes

– don’t over use!

Keep it all chilled and eat in good time.

Practise makes perfect! keep up this habit and it will go along way to making sure you are on track with your goals!

All our coaches have a meal or two where we think “eh sod it I’m going to demolish 20 chicken nuggets’ but the rest of the time we don’t give ourselves the chance to, we’ve already prepped some pretty enjoyable foods to enjoy. Dont get me wrong we love a drink and a take away as much as anyone but we pick the right time and often its deserved!