The Importance of Protein

For me, Protein is the most important macro-nutrient out of the 3 (Protein, Carbs and Fat)


Protein keeps you satiated (fuller for longer!) it is also the building block to help you become stronger and leaner.

Unfortunately it is the one macro that is easily missed and over looked as it can be expensive whilst eating out…

And easier for restaurants/shops to fill you up on cheaper crap to be honest!

How much should I eat?

As a rule of thumb you should eat protein at every single meal and try to consume it whilst snacking as well

YES, including breakfast. So put down that bowl of Crunchy Nut Corn-Flakes

If you can’t whilst snacking then make sure you had a good portion during your 3 meals of the day.

We advise at Compello to get 20-30g (females) or up to 30-50g (males) of Protein every meal. Obviously the goals and size of person vary this figure.

If tracking macros, a simple calculation can be used: –

For Maintaining weight – BW x 1.5 = desired protein intake in grams.
Eg: 80kg x 1.5 = 120g of protein/day

Fat Loss or Muscle Gain – BW x 2-2.5 = desired protein intake in grams
Eg: – 80kg x 2.5 = 200g of protein/day

Why do the numbers vary?

For Fat Loss you want to have as much lean muscle as possible, when trying to ‘slim down’ or ‘tone up’ you do not want your body to break down muscle mass and becoming ‘Skinny Fat’ therefore increasing your protein intake will help prevent this whilst also keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

Similar can be said for muscle gain, when trying to ‘bulk up’ or ‘gain size’ you need a high level of protein in your system up regulate protein synthesis.

Sources of protein?

– Red meat
– Chicken / turkey
– Fish
– Eggs
– Cottage cheese / quark
– Protein powders

When looking at meat think about quality, lean cuts of meat!

Remember it’s not hard to get in shape, it’s actually quite simple. Small steps taken weekly will help habits change in the long-term.

Try just getting some protein in at breakfast first….