We’ve all been there, endless fucking shuttles up and down the pitch, touching each line, doing down-ups, running with a ball or stick in your hand to ‘replicate’ game-play…It’s all absolute bollocks!

So then, with the end of the sports season for some fast approaching and only a short time before others restart again, we (Compello coaches Rob Hodges & Chris Peace)have decided to design a pre season programme for people of all abilities and experience.

We’re going to run this programme throughout the summer and the duration of the rugby pre season and hopefully (if uptake is good enough!) carry this on as a staple in our schedule.

Like all decent pre season programs it will be sport specific focusing around the key compound lifts along with plenty of accessory work and conditioning to help prepare for the up and coming season.
The program will last approximately 10 weeks, and will be available for all abilities with a beginner, intermediate and advanced entry level. The aim is to advance each individual over the course of the pre-season and to prime you to hit the ground running when push comes to shove.

Each individual will receive a small handbook/training manual containing vital information about the training as well as their own personalised program. For example we will test the rate of power development in each individual throughout the program using push band technology which will help us monitor your progression and allow you to train with a purpose.
We have also decided to add some nutritional/dietary information in the handbook as well. Really simple stuff like whats good to eat and when to eat it to compliment our training program and to make sure you get the most out of it.

This is going to run parallel to our current memberships as a special membership at one off price with sessions run on a Tuesday & Thursday evenings and Saturday lunchtimes. All of this is yet to be confirmed so keep your eyes peeled for more updates on the overall program and price specifics.

Any more questions hit either one of us back