Meal Prep.

In a busy work and family schedule its hard to find that extra 10 minutes or so to prep food for 1 single meal. So when it boils down to it a quick and convenient meal is seen as the easier option. All our coaches share the same mind set, who can be bothered right?

In our coaches Whatspp group on Sunday its not uncommon to see what the others a prepping, Chris loves getting a big joint of meat and veg for making stews and meals alike for the week ahead that plus coco pops and chocolate milk, Rob has enjoys chicken. broccoli sweet potato and a pizza or two as this suits his goals while keeping him sane, myself consider me a mix of the two.

My point is we spend a bit of time maybe just under 45 minutes to a hour peeping food for the week. All it takes is a small fraction of your time on a day or morning where you are sitting on your arse doing nothing, put on some music or Netflix to make it more enjoyable (THINK SUNDAY MORNING)

Think how having prepped food is going to contribute to your goals and health or flip it on its head, think about how upset you are going to be if in two/three weeks you are no closer to where you want to be. You have the power to change that.

All our coaches have a meal or two where we think “eh sod it I’m going to demolish 20 chicken nuggets’ but the rest of the time we don’t give ourselves the chance to, we’ve already prepped some pretty enjoyable foods to enjoy.