While reading this i would like you to take a minute and spare a thought for this dickhead aka me, who walked around Tescos and took picture of all the nutritional information you will be reading in this guide…thank you.

So we are always being asked about snacking.

  • What are the best options?
  • Whats good?
  • Whats bad?
  • Is this yogurt better than this there yogurt?

The list goes on and on..

Hopefully over this guide we can shed some light what you should be looking for, based on your goals… as always a lot of this is down to personal preference. You may look at this and just say nahhhhhhhhh, not for me.

In that case we encourage you to find your best snacking options.

Typically with many of these options you will find that the high protein options will generally have enough fat in the item that you don’t really need to go looking for it. If you want some extra fats look to nuts and other pulses.

Don’t be afraid of fruit, its not bad for you (gods sweets)!

Most of these products can be found in most supermarkets and feel free to adapt and change the options as needed and to suit your personal taste and preference.

Protein/Fat option

Chicken marinaded in Mango and Lime 180g

38g Protein, 7.4g Carbs, 4g Fats

Cured shredded Hamhock 100g

27.4g Protein, 0.4g Carbs, 5.2g Fat

Zingy Sweet and sour Chicken. 200g

48g Protein, 5g Carbs, 5.2 Fat

Skyr Yoghurt or Arla Protein 100g Yoghurt (Various Flavours)

20g Protein, 13g Carbs, 0.4g Fat

25g Protein, 25g Carbs, 4.9g Fat

For Goodness Protein Shake 475ml Chocolate/Banana/Vanilla/Strawberry)

Arla Protein Yoghurt Drink 220g (Various Flavours)

20.2g Protein, 11.8g Carbs, 1.4g Fats

Carb Options

Sushi 150g (Duck/Fish/Meat/Veg)

10.4g Protein, 38.4g Carbs, 5.6g Fat

Carrot Pastrami Spiced Wrap

10.6g Protein, 49g Crabs, 15.1g Fat

Crayfish Rice Salad 270g

14.1 Protein, 43.7g Carbs, 12.2g Fat

Berry Medlay 220grams (various sorts)

0.71g Protein, 13.46g Carbs, 0.26g Fat

Punnet of Fruit 150g (Raspberry/Blueberries/ Blackberries)

0.70g Protein, 14.6g Carbs, 0.30g Fats

Proper Corn 26g (Salted/Sweet/Chocolate)

1.8g Protein, 14.4g Carbs, 6.3g Fat.