The two words that people love to hate. Whether you are an elite athlete or just an average Joe, everyone loves to lift weights and get stronger. However when we step foot outside the gym mobility/recovery work seems to take a back seat.

For everyone lifting is the easiest part of the formula for improved performance in the gym. However after we train hard we must also recover hard to maintain our performance levels. I know most of you already know this but how many actually put this into practice?

Now nobody is perfect and sticking to a routine is hard especially with work commitments amongst other things, but in this day and age where the most of us sit at a desk or spend most of our week travelling in a car. This prolonged sitting causes our bodies to round forward, and the hips to tighten.

There are three things that i recommend every one should do at least once a day;
1. Stretch the Hip Flexor’s
2. Work on Thoracic mobility
3. Try a few Superman stretches to help with our upper body stability.

Maintaining these 3 movements on a daily basis will help restore the body back to a ‘More Normal’ state.

Give them a go and i promise you will feel and move better.