Personally i hate these memes, they are everywhere and i think they add fuel to the fire! but i get it Sunday night is a sad time for many.

It was for me so i understand!

When i was 19/20 i use to get this really badly! working home from work on Sunday evening, my then walkman stone with some terrible emo shit on and with me just feeling grim and just dreading the week ahead. Another week gone and nothing was really accomplished this week apart from I’ve wasted half my pay check on alcohol. (i didn’t go the gym until i was about 23)

Well the Sunday night blues seems to be on everyones mind so what can you do to help combat it that doesn’t include selling all your possessions and running off the the other side of the world or quitting your job (unless you’ve got the confidence to do this).

Im actually a little shocked when i hear how many people dislike their job so if you have what it takes to leave it then hell yeah go for it!

Other than that just read these next couple of tips!

* Do something fun with your Sunday, what ever you find fun in!

* Don’t drink to heavily on a Saturday.

* Write down things that are bothering you on a piece of paper, then its the papers problem, not yours!

* Put your goddam phone away!

* Think bigger picture and for fun things that are happening!

* Speak to friends and family…actually have a conversation.

* Set the Alarm early and go to the gym!

see China with his big thumb up…