Is your diet something you can continue a month, a year, 5 years down the line? It should be!

Diet/Dieting really shouldn’t be seen as a fad. it’s your diet and it’s very important, it keeps you at optimal health and performance.
Even those cutting for shows, summer and holidays, the diet they put them selves through should be something that they can recall time and time againfood5.jpg without causing harm to their body.
If your relearning how to eat after years of essentially abusing your body via food then you do need face a harsh reality, is what you are eating sustainable.

We have a simple rule 9 in 10, 9 out of the every 10 meals you eat should be from good quality produce, we are talking some protein (meat or fish) and some fats and carbohydrates (Veg, pluses, grains). we apply the same for drinking.