Hitting it a little deep to begin with in this lifestyle blog, but you gotta challenge the big stuff if you want to make an impact on people. I’m hoping some people look at this and say to themselves; “Lets sort this out!”

Put your whole life into three categories.

1. That which you find most rewarding and get the most enjoyment out of.
2. Anything that passes the time but that you do get some enjoyment out of it.
3. Eats up your time and energy, has no reward just a waste of time and effort.

It’s simple, do things you get reward and satisfaction from, which will fill your life in a positive way; and do less of the shit you find eats away at you. Might be something small like you watch far too much TV or it could be massive like your job or a toxic relationship.

In some cases you might need to take a long hard look at whats going on.

For me its my phone. I’m on my phone far too much, the little bastard runs my life… tooooo much time spent firing memes over to Chris and Rob from the Tasteless Gentleman. No more!! oh and gaming, I could sit and game all day but I got shit to do.

Take active steps to sorting your life out for the life you want!

Fred & the Compello Team

credit: Stephen Aish (BTN Mindset Coach who i saw last year)