The Evolution of Compello

We live in an ever changing world.

I remember only being able to use the internet when the phone was out of use, only a short 20-years ago, look how that’s changed now.

Fuck – a car can park itself now, if you don’t evolve you’re going to left behind. There’s a reason Bootcamps and Circuits classes are slowly dying a death. People want and demand more…

I’m not going to bore you with all the details of everything that’s changed but I’m here to explain why ‘we’ as Compello Fitness have just redesigned our gym for the 3rd time in just under 4-years.

No doubt some of you will think ‘wow, what a waste of money’ perhaps you may be correct…or as we see it, we’re constantly changing and updating to meet our clients demands and needs.

We don’t have a ‘one fitness programme fits all’ if anyone does promote that, I advise you to slowly back-up out of that gym right now and reconsider training there…

We believe fitness should be tailored to the client. 18-months ago we dropped the ‘CrossFit’ tag, this was because I (Chris) personally didn’t believe in that style of fitness and stopped seeing my clients getting results from it.

This was to push the gym in the right direction of ‘coaching and programming the client‘ rather than making the ‘client fit the programme’.

The saying ‘One programme fits no-one‘ is something we love down here.

Hence, why we wanted to personalise everything and make Compello Fitness ‘THE‘ place to go for results because we tailor to your needs. Whether that’s for Rugby of which we have numerous players, NHS staff being able to help carry and move people at work, run a marathon on 6-weeks notice (Marc Massey – you’re a crazy mofo!) or compete in Triathlons.

We also have ‘Joe Average’ the client who wants to train during the week so they can go and enjoy fancy meals out on a weekend or go on holiday with their family and eat the world for 2-weeks (we fully support these actions – remember our Balance post?)

We’re constantly trying to improve our service and what’s right for our members down at Compello, hence right now we’ve just ripped up the flooring thrown it outside and relaid a beautiful new AstroTurf over half of the gym and brand new performance matting on the other half as well as some new bars and generally upgrading the quality of equipment down here.

This particular refurb perfectly replicates and mimics our programming for PT clients and members alike.

We believe in having a base of strength, whilst still being able to move properly (having mobility) and finishing off with some conditioning. So, if you wanted to run up those 151 steps to the top of White Horse overlooking the Vale of York, you could get there without thinking ‘f*ck my life, I’m old as shit!’
If you’re thinking about or tinkering with the idea of coming down to Compello then here’s a **FREE CLASS PASS** on us.

Come down and try out a free session at Compello.

Thanks for reading

Chris and the Compello Team

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