Firstly, who doesn’t want to be a sexy mofo?

If you don’t – you may as well click off this now and to be honest….You’re fucking lying to yourself!

So then before we begin, shall we get into the mood?

Now Prince has charmed us all and confirmed what we already knew…

First Rule: – |You do NOT talk about being a sexy mofo

Second Rule: – You DO talk about Compello to everyone and everywhere

Third Rule: – Get used to honesty – progress wasn’t made around lies

Forth Rule: – Sexy mofos don’t eat Donuts

Fifth Rule: – Never avoid SQUAT day

Sixth Rule: – Compello is a gym, not a beach – so keep your clothes on.

Seventh Rule: – If this is your first time at Compello – You WILL go on the Inbody scanner!

Here are the rules of being a Sexy Mofo.