You are the sum of the people you spend the most time with, you might notice change, like words, tastes, attitude.

This can be for better and for worse.

Surround yourself around people who have ambition, confidence and many other positive attributes chances are you’ll grow some too, it works exactly the same with negative attribute… if you let it.

You can also outgrow people, people no longer bring value to your life or only bring negativity or become toxic. Think back and I’m sure you can remember someone.

I heard from a wise man once if you wake up thinking about someone who you don’t sleep with or don’t want to sleep with just get rid of them. Basically if they are not in your head in a positive capacity its time to remove them.

I laughted when i heard it but its actually rather true and I’m proud to say i have acted on it.

You are typically the sum of the 3 to 5 or so people you see the most or spend the most time with.

My 5 are

Chris Peace – Business partner
Rob Hodges – Our Coach
Kieron – Best Buddy.

the other 2 or so generally in my life fluctuate and these people know who they are because i tell them or show them in my own way that i value them. I’m happy to say i don’t devote time to people i consider to toxic/negative this even stems to social media.

Who are yours.