You are the sum of the people you spend the most time with, you might notice change, like words, tastes, attitude.

This can be for better and for worse.

Surround yourself around people who have ambition, confidence and many other positive attributes chances are you’ll grow some too, it works exactly the same with negative attribute… if you let it.

You can also outgrow people, people no longer bring value to your life or only bring negativity. I bet you can all give me an example… just have a ponder.

I heard from a wise man once if you wake up thinking about someone who you don’t sleep with or don’t want to sleep with just get rid of them.

i laughted when i heard it but its actually rather true.

Story time.

I remember being a kid and i had befriended a bit of a dickhead a school or so thats what my grandad Kevin called him. I was just happy i was friends with a cooler kid that me. He smoked, he had Rockport shoes as his school shoes (if you know you know) on top of that he got the girls and wasn’t a virgin…i was and couldn’t talk to girls.

Anyway fast forward a few years we were 17 and we were drinking, i had a fake ID and we had gone to Cert 18 (again, if you know you know) The night was in full swing and i had drank so much Malibu i can still taste it now.

We stepped outside after nearly scrapping with some grebs in one of those stupid mosh pits and we were far gone. Being really load we stepped over the road and this lad started smashing in a phone booth and urinate on it. I stood and watched and some man came to his window from the other side and shouted to us to keep it quiet. I cant claim full innocence here i started swearing at him along with the other lad, offering him out etc etc, the stupid shit you do when you’ve laced your body in crappy alcohol.

We thought we’d won and continued with our night, chatting up some girls and these girls mention the police are looking for two tall lads matching our description. at the time i had a trademark black and white horizontal striped hoody and long hair with blue in it… yeah seriously.

I’m scared shitless lets break it down. Im 17, drinking, fake ID, never been in trouble, no one knows I’m out… my life is literally ending.

We step outside to make a break for it and some hands grasp our shoulders.

“Can you step over here lads.”

Its a Police officer with him is the gentlemen we were hurling abuse at.

“If you think about running ill set the dogs loose” the Officer says again.

if any of you know our members we have two coppers, they always say the work of a dog or horse can do what 10 or so officers cant.

I was thinking about running, but when he said that… i wasn’t going anywhere.

I ended up in a cell that night with a £70 fine, drunk and disorderly and a threat of vandalism charge and it was one of the worse experiences of my life and after that i never saw that lad again, if you want to ask me about it fell free (i had just had my nipple pierced the day before and of course no sharpe objects in the cell).

As i said earlier you are the sum of the people you spend the most of your time with. For me its two idiots called Chris and Rob. Behind that my partner George, my dog Reggie (he thinks he’s people) and my pal Kieron.

What they all have in common is together they make me want to step up my game.
In ways they are better than me and in ways I’m better than them, I have business partner who is ambitious as hell and makes me too. On top of that him and Rob are among the best coaches I’ve worked with, they have a better training mind than me, but i get better every day I’m around them.

My partner because why wouldn’t you wanna be with your best mate, i mean she’s fucking annoying and challenges me but who else is going to tell me I’m being a arsehole? Then theres Kieron my black, stuttering counter part, the guys my brother.

The point of this blog is simple; if the company you keep holds you back or doesn’t support you its time to find some new company.

Big Love.


Fred Hudson

Written by: Fred Hudson