So you dont want to feel like captain fat pants when your out enjoying a meal and your looking to stay as healthy as possible while being confronted with all sorts of temptation from the to 10 outta 10 sticky toffee pudding you’ve heard about or the halloumi fries you can’t take your eyes off on the menu. Lets be honest would you trust someone who didn’t like halloumi, i know i couldn’t.

Of course we want to encourage you to enjoy yourself so if you got there and you think “fuck it” can’t honestly say i blame you.


if you want to practise some self control and stick to being on the healthier side then follow these tips and you could enjoy yourself and maybe continue to work towards your fat loss goals.

Tip 1: – Do the research, don’t get blindsided by looking at the menu for the first time and thinking holy shit i want it all. cause then the fuck it mentality is gonna come back! plan in advance what you are going to eat that way you’ve already fantasised about the various food porn combos and have some clarity.

Tip 2 – Picking the Drink. sometimes hard than the food. here tho guys id suggest you stuck to your lower calories drinks. sprints with slim line/ dieter mixers, if picking wine just becarful about how many glasses you have. Lads just go easier on the larger.

Tip 3 – Starter or Dessert? a question that could start family feuds. But when you are trying to keep the calories under control its better to pick one of the other and stick it. No one said you could share one each though…just a suggestion.

Tip 4 – The Main. A real head scratcher but try to look for fresher and leaner cuts of meat and fish i.e pick a sirloin or chicken breast rather than a heavily battered foods or the insane sounding burgers. You still want to get some enjoyment out of it so if you order a caesar salad please don’t come to this gym. You are not welcome. Only kidding jus don’t tell us.

Tip 5 – Fuck it get dessert. Its not going to ruin your life. just have 2 eggs and a apple at breakfast to make up for it.

Big Love.