Everyone knows the feeling when you are just out right busy, i mean like a 1000 and 1 jobs to do and no one can do them but you!

You still go through the day to day but you’ve got a lot on.

Anyway the first thing to give in my life is my hair and appearance, i mean i look like shit, my facial hair gets all wild and shit, i simply don’t do my hair and all my little routines just go out the window cause id rather have the 10 minutes extra in bed. oh and also bye bye man-scaping. Oh and lastly i just get horrible to the people who matter to me, i get miserable!

I’ve been asking around people and I’m assuming its the same for other people!

Ive heard women say its their legs and pits, I’ve had people say its mainly their diet and water consumption people start to look for convenience! oh and of course the gym!

I’ve heard people say they just forget to talk to other people or they stop seeing friends!

Anyway as its Motivational Monday i have some motivation for you.

so i have put how busy you can be it into three categories.

Green – Everything is okay, you’ve got time to do everything and enjoy yourself.

Amber – Yeah I’m pretty busy but I’ve got my time management sorted and only my facial hair is unruly but i do see an end in sight!

Red – My arse is literally at the wall, time management doesn’t cut it, i don’t see an end anytime soon and if i don’t get out soon I’m going to crash hard!

Red is a dangerous place to be and just need a break as soon as possible! Because trust me as a trainer I’ve been in the red many times as have many other trainers!

Trust me give yourself some well deserved rest, everyone in your life will thank you for it and you will thank you for it!