That’s right people, unleash that fat fucker inside of you…

Metaphorically speaking of course!

So we’re back on the note of nutrition today and talking ‘flexibility’.

For me, this is hugely important for a few reasons.

1) Who doesn’t love a pizza?

2) To stop you from pulling your hair out in utter boredom

3) Re-read the first 2

Let’s be honest, I know we have told you before to ‘food prep’ and all that jazz (this still is the best way to do it) but realistically, how many people with 9-5 jobs and young children can actually be arsed to meal prep?

I personally struggle with this unless I have food at the ready on a weekend but again I do become bored by the same chicken/beef dish by the middle of the week.

How about this?

You get in, theres nothing in the fridge so you say ‘F*ck it,  I’ll smash a pizza from the local’

YES – I’m telling you to have a pizza.

Flexibility here is the key though, you obviously can’t do this every night of the week, this would be habit (I was here before Christmas, haha).

The point being, if you eat 3 meals/day for the week (7 days) and you eat 1 bad meal out of the 21 (3 x 7), its less than 5% of your weekly intake in meals.

As long as you have your nutrition in line for the rest of the week it really won’t make a difference at all!

The only thing you have to remember now is not to let that one meal turn into 2,3,4 and so on….

So then – that’ll be a large Meatilicious and stuffed crust please!

Eat and Enjoy!