A lot of people have weak glutes and don’t realise it. By the way aesthetics are not the same as the performance of a muscle, you can have a big booty and it still not might work correctly.
If you have weak glutes this means somewhere else is picking up its slack, this is typically the lower back and the quads.

* You can experience knee pain
* Your Knees collapse in, glutes help externally rotate, weak glutes, poor external rotation.
* Hinging is just no possible (Deadlifting, RDLs, KB Swings)
* Back Pain, your back will take the workload and it can’t handle it forever.
* Quad Doms, the only place that hurt after a leg day (sadly)

What you need to do.

* Stretch the hip flexors, release the adductors
* Regress you hinge to the basics until you master it
* Perform Glute based activation drills, with the use of bands, kettle bells, single legged exercises
* Work on the Core
* Goblet Squat