Well i will tell you!

Whatever it is you are not doing!

Don’t get me wrong, any movement is good at the end of the day but….

Lets suppose you are not a member of Compello and you hit a commercial gym and you’ve not hired a PT.

So what most people will dabble on the treadmill, rower, stair mill and cross trainer then maybe hit some abs then maybe some weights.
How do i know this? i worked at a commercial gym for nearly 4 years, trust me i know how it goes.

The body is really good at adapting, run on a treadmill every day for 1 month, by the end of the month you won’t be expending as much energy as you were on day 1.
Wanting to lose some body fat and shape up? Hitting all the of the above then probably won’t cut it in the long run or be as effective as you’d like or think.

so what do you do?

Mix it up, with some much content out there find someone you like and trust in the industry and badger them or borrow/ steal the workouts they publish. Rob often throws out a class workout from a Friday on all our social media platforms so feel free to borrow that.

….and if you still don’t know whats the harm in dropping us a message for help?

Big Love Ted!